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Titel: A Brief Inventory to investigate Stress-Reactions : Posttraumatic Symptom Scale (PTSS-10) by Raphael, Lundin and Weisaeth
Autoren: Schüffel, Wolfram
Schade, Barbara
Schunk, Tillmann
Erscheinungsdatum: 1996
Zusammenfassung: The purpose of this paper is to describe some psychometric properties of a short 10-item scale assessing posttraumatic symptomatology (the Posttraumatic Symptom Scale, PTSS-10 by Raphael, Lundin & Weisaeth, 1989; German version by Schüffel & Schade, 1992). This scale was part of an extensive questionnaire sent to staff of the German Armed Forces who took part in the UNTAC-Mission (United Transitional Authority in Cambodia) from May 1992 to November 1993. There were 238 respondents (52.9% of 450 persons; 5.9% females). The average age was 33 years old. The reliability of the PTSS-10 is good (Cronbachs a= 0.85), and the corrected item-total-correlations are satisfactory for all items. The mean score on the PTSS-10 for the mission sample was 5.4 points. Females exhibited significantly more symptoms than males (p < 0.01). The most frequently reported symptoms were "need to withdraw", "irritability" and "mood swings". Factor analysis resulted in two main factors. Preliminary indications concerning the validity of the PTSS-10 are also presented. Correlations between the discovered factors and the subscales of the Giessen Complaint Questionnaire are highly significant. The number of life events significantly correlates with the number of stress reactions (r = 0.32). A significant negative correlation was found between the number of stress reactions and the quality of coping strategies, especially for the mechanisms "search for contact vs. withdrawal" and "activity vs. resignation".
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