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Titel: Blindness to response-compatible stimuli in the psychological refractory period paradigm
Autoren: Wühr, Peter
Müsseler, Jochen
Erscheinungsdatum: 2002
Zusammenfassung: This study investigated the conditions under which the processing in a speeded response task interferes with concurrent processing in a visual encoding task. Three experiments used a dual-task paradigm, in which a speeded left or right response to at one was combined with the identification of a masked left-or right pointing arrow following the tone with variable SOA. Two additional experiments tested the impact of the presentation of pure tone on visual encoding.There were four major findings. First, an unspecific decrease in identification accuracy was observed with decreasing SOA. Second, a blindness to response-compatible stimuli was observed with speeded responses. Third, a specific interference was found between low- and high-pitched tones and left- or right-pointing arrows. Fourth, the specific tone-arrow interference modulated the specific responsearrow interference when the task allowed both to occur simultaneously. The present findings, which suggest both procedural and structural interference between response preparation and stimulus encoding, are discussed in terms of a two-stage model of action planning.
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