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Titel: Visual Space Perception and action: Introductory remarks
Autoren: Müsseler, Jochen
van der Heijden, A.H.C.
Kerzel, Dirk
Erscheinungsdatum: 2004
Zusammenfassung: Vision evolved from the vital necessity to act in a dynamic environment. Following this view it is clear that perceptual processes and action planning are much more interlocked than is evident at first sight. This is especially evident in visual space perception; actions are performed in space and are guided and controlled by objects in spatial positions. Here we shortly introduce the three research camps dealing with the relationship between space perception and action: the ecological camp, the two-visual-systems camp, and the constructivist camp. We show that these camps emphasize and open different theoretical and empirical perspectives, but that they can be seen to complement each other. We end with an overview of the papers in this special issue.
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