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Titel: Qualitative Psychology Nexus, Vol. X: Values and Diversity in Qualitative Research
Autoren: Schweizer, Karin
Christel, Taylor
Ullrich, Anette
Huber, Günter L.
Lim, Levan
von Lautz, Alex
Estalella, Adolfo
Suorsa, Teemu
Lambert, Richard G.
McCarthy, Christopher
Zimber, Andreas
Comtesse, Hannah
Flavian, Heidi
Tussia-Cohen, Betty
Horn, Michael
Bussu, Anna
Patrizi, Patrizia
Gento, Samuel
Schneider, Annette
Collatz, Klaus-Günter
Domínguez Garruda, Ma Concepción
Medina Rivilla, Antonio
Medina Domínguez, C. Maria
Mirlashari, Jila
Salsali, Mahvash
Rafiey, Hassan
Jahanbani, Jahanfar
Demirkol, Abdullah Apo
Kuzmaniæ, Marja
Poštuvan, Vita
Erscheinungsdatum: 2012
Zusammenfassung: Presentations from the annual workshops of the Center for Qualitative psychology in Sassary (Italy) in 2010 and in Heidelberg (Germany) in 2011 have been combined in this volume. The book has twelve chapters, organized in two parts: Reflections on Values and Diversity (Part I), Methodological Impacts (Part II). All chapters are related to a specific aspect of diversity and have been presented at either one of the workshops in Italy or in Germany. The term "diversity" is often used to describe differences, but it also refers to the notion of nclusiveness, - an inclusiveness of individuals who are diverse in ability /disability, age, conomic status, ethnicity, gender, language, national origin, race, religion, and sexual rientation. This inclusivity can be a framework for managing diversity. Social justice and respect for all individuals are important values in workplaces,where eople seek to create a culture of inclusion that actively supports diversity in people, who ive, work, and serve together. Attaining social justice and respect requires all members of he community to recognize that diversity in all its dimensions contributes to workplaces and ther learning environments, thereby enriching the community, and improving opportunities for human understanding. A common issue in the contributions to this volume is to understand and apply research thics as a dialogical practice with research subjects.
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