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Titel: Work-related stress risk assessment: a critical review based on psychometric principles of an objective tool
Autoren: (1) Themis Research Centre, Roma, Italia, {isabellacorradini, assuntamarano}
Corradini, Isabella
Marano, Assunta
Nardelli, Enrico
(2) Department of Mathematics, University of Roma “Tor Vergata”, Italia,
Erscheinungsdatum: 2014
Zusammenfassung: Many approaches to work-related stress risk assessement suggest the integration between a phase where objective data are collected and analysed, and a phase where results of data collection and analysis are discussed and compared with information coming from the workers. On the other side, the use of self-report job stress measures has been criticized, due to their potential distortions, and stress researchers have repeatedly called for an approach based on the use of objective measures. The Italian law for work-related stress risk assessment, closer to the latter approach, prescribes a two-stage procedure: first a set of objective measures and then, conditionally to the outcome of the first stage, a set of subjective measures. We therefore describe and critically review, on the basis of psychometric principles, the tool used for the objective stage in the most adopted method in Italy. Such a tool is a checklist for which we discuss a number of issues suggesting it is not methodologically well founded. We conclude these weaknesses affect the practice of work-related stress risk assessment.
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