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Titel: A solution to the conjecture of meanings of worlds of art
Autoren: Vélez León, Paulo
Erscheinungsdatum: 2009
Zusammenfassung: This paper analyzes the relationship between the meanings of the particular aesthetic judgments (I) pronounced by any person on artwork and the artwork itself. The purpose is to state the following hypothesis: it is false that a consumer is stupid and unable to recognize the quality work of art and meaning of, it is more, all the phrases enunciated in natural language is not a conjecture, but that recognize and reflect the quality of the work. A work of art like any other human product, is likely to be measured and therefore valued, fact, despite the opinion of the artists. Preliminary results obtained lead us to that decision there are common patterns for each of the elements of the art world, which also requires the formulation of a much more simple and elegant.
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