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Titel: Qualitative Psychology Nexus, Vol. I: Qualitative Research in Psychology
Autoren: Kiegelmann, Mechthild (Ed.)
Erscheinungsdatum: 2004
Serie/Report Nr.: Qualitative Psychology Nexus;1
Zusammenfassung: The first "Workshop Qualitative Research in Psychology" took place in Blaubeuren, Germany from October 20-22, 2000. The meeting was organized by the Center for Qualitative Psychology of the University of Tübingen, Germany. The purpose of the meeting was to begin a network of qualitative psychologists. Thirty-two participants got to know each other, presented and discussed their research, discussed potential further developments within the field of qualitative psychology, and inspired each other with plans for the future. There were psychologists from Germany, Spain, Latvia, Finland, and the United States, most of whom were working as researchers within university contexts. The workshop took place at the retreat house of the University of Tübingen in a small village called Blaubeuren. A comfortable place with beautiful landscape, welcoming staff at the house and delicious food created a friendly atmosphere for the meeting from the start. The meeting started with an evening opening session in which all participants briefly introduced themselves and their interests in qualitative psychology. In order to communicate with each other, all of the participants spoke English. The introductions helped people to seek each other out afterwards in more informal conversations during the following two days.
ISBN: 3-9806975-6-8
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