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Titel: Qualitative Psychology Nexus, Vol. IV: Areas of Qualitative Psychology — Special Focus on Design
Autoren: Kiegelmann, Mechthild, Gürtler, Leo and Huber, Günter L. (Eds.)
Erscheinungsdatum: 2005
Serie/Report Nr.: Qualitative Psychology Nexus;4
Zusammenfassung: This volume contains the proceedings of the fourth annual meeting of Qualitative Psychology in Blaubeuren (near Ulm, Germany) Oct., 22-24, 2003 organized by the Center for Qualitative Psychology (Tübingen, Germany). The question of Research Design was chosen as the central topic of the conference. Researchers from different professions took part. The range of experience of the participants was very heterogeneous: Beginning with young researchers, different levels of expertise were represented (up to and including very experienced scholars and researchers). Participants also came from different countries. The main work was done in small working groups. In these groups each study and its outcome(s) was critically discussed and remarked upon. Plenum lectures were also held, in which selected experts presented their thoughts on the central topic ? research design. An attempt is also undertaken to evaluate the findings and the workshop as a whole in the context of the development of qualitative research in psychology.
ISBN: 3-9810087-0-7
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