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Titel: Qualitative Psychology Nexus, Vol. II: The Role of the Researcher in Qualitative Psychology
Autoren: Kiegelmann, Mechthild (Ed.)
Erscheinungsdatum: 2002
Serie/Report Nr.: Qualitative Psychology Nexus;2
Zusammenfassung: Volume two of Qualitative Research Nexus focuses on the roles of qualitative researchers and their relationships within psychological studies. This book is a result of the presentations, discussions, and collaborations of participants at the second workshop "Qualitative Psychology" in October 2001 in Blaubeuren, Germany that was organized by the Center for Qualitative Psychology. The theme of the meeting was "the role of the researcher in qualitative psychology." Reading this volume of Qualitative Research Nexus can assist future researchers in considering the complexity of their roles as qualitative investigators1. A model to describe different phases within the processes of research projects is used as an organizing framework for the articles in this book. This model was developed in the department of educational psychology of the University of Tübingen, Germany. It can provide a helpful overview for research processes. By indicating a sequence of central areas where research processes can be located we provide a non-linear guide to various tasks that are relevant in research projects. Being aware of these tasks can ease the design of scientists studies. Our model has been inspired by Maxwells description of tasks for designing qualitative studies (Maxwell, 1996). Having an overview of the range of activities involved in research also sheds light on which forms of research relationships might be relevant.
ISBN: 3-9806975-3-3
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