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Titel: Discriminating Emotions from Appraisal-relevant Situational Information: Baseline Data for Structural Models of Cognitive Appraisals
Autoren: Reisenzein, Rainer
Hofmann, Thomas
Erscheinungsdatum: 1993
Zusammenfassung: Cognitive emotion theorists assume that the quality of emotions is determined by the appraisal of the eliciting states of affairs. Accordingly, a central criterion for the evaluation of structural models of cognitive appraisal is their capacity to discriminate between emotions on the basis of the proposed appraisal dimensions. It is suggested that a good model should approximate subjects' "natural" ability to distinguish emotions on the basis of appraisalrelevant situational information. Corresponding data for 23 common emotions, which can serve as a baseline for the evaluation of cognitive appraisal theories, are reported, and various factors that may have deflated the discrimination rates obtained so far in empirical studies are discussed.
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