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Titel: Psychosocial Resources and Coping with Social Change
Autoren: Silbereisen, Rainer K.
Pinquart, M.
Reitzle, M.
Tomasik, Martin J.
Fabel, K.
Grümer, S.
Erscheinungsdatum: 2006
Zusammenfassung: The paper presents a theoretical framework for research on effects of social change on individual development. As components, the theoretical model includes the level of social change experienced, resources, coping processes, and outcomes. These variables differ between ecological systems (such as East and West Germany). The components interact with each other, and may themselves change over time. Social change alters the availability and functionality of concrete forms of goal pursuit and developmental pathways. Based on the theoretical framework, the paper analyzes specific demands individuals face due to globalization, growing individualization, and pluralization of biographical trajectories, and demographic change of our society. A theoretical model for coping with these demands is introduced, followed by a discussion of psychosocial resources for coping with social change, and of developmental outcomes that may be influenced by social change. The methodological design of an ongoing study on individual and social resources in coping with social chnage is presented which started with a representative sample of about 3000 16- to 43-year-olds. In addition, an overview is given over the operationalization of the variables assessed and the results from pretests. Finally, we discuss theoretical insights and practical conclusions that can be gained from our research project on human development in times of social change.
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