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Titel: Exposure to a different culture and related autonomous self: A comparison of remigrant and nonmigrant turkish late adolescent groups.
Autoren: Karadayi, Figen
Erscheinungsdatum: 2000
Serie/Report Nr.: Hamburger Forschungsberichte zur Sozialpsychologie;27
Zusammenfassung: This is a comparative study of related autonomous self of nonmigrant and remigrant adolescents. In our previous studies, we have developed the Related Autonomy Scale which was trying to measure the degree of being autonomous and at the same time being related to family, friends, and social norms. This scale has been developed according to Turkish norms with consideration of universal evaluations. In this study we expected to achieve higher autonomy values for remigrant adolescents than nonmigrant adolescents since they had lived in an individualistic country, Germany. But contrary to our expectations, results of Related Autonomy Scale and its Subscales showed no significant differences between the two groups expect for one measure. Only Conflicted Autonomy Subscale scores showed significantly higher values for remigrant group than nonmigrant group. Another significant result is, the duration of stay in a western culture does not seem to produce significant differences for remigrant group.
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