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Titel: Arnold's Theory of Emotion in Historical Perspective
Autoren: Reisenzein, Rainer
Erscheinungsdatum: 2006
Zusammenfassung: Magda B. Arnold's theory of emotion is examined from three historical viewpoints. First, I look backward from Arnold to precursors of her theory of emotion in 19th century introspectionist psychology and in classical evolutionary psychology. I try to show that Arnold can be regarded as belonging intellectually to the cognitive tradition of emotion theorizing that originated in Brentano and his students, and that she was also significantly influenced by McDougall's evolutionary view of emotion. Second, I look forward from Arnold to the influence she had on Richard S. Lazarus, the theorist who deserves the most credit for popularizing the appraisal approach to emotion. Here, I try to document that Lazarus' theory of the stress emotions preserved most assumptions of Arnold's theory. Finally, I look back at Arnold from today's perspective and address points of success of the appraisal paradigm in emotion psychology, as well as some remaining problems.
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