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Titel: Problems with the Transition to Parenthood Perceived Responsibility for Restrictions and Losses and the Experience of Injustice
Autoren: Montada, Leo
Erscheinungsdatum: 1994
Zusammenfassung: Traditionally, the birth of the first child is considered a positive life event-assuming it occurs under normal circumstances. But, as has been shown already by early research on transition to parenthood (e.g., Le Masters, 1957), the critical potential of life events is not limited to negative events. Sociological research and psychological research have identified various more or less serious problems that occur as a consequence of first childbirth: for mothers, it has been shown to be associated with depression and dysphoric states (see Hopkins, Marcus, & Campbell 1984, for an overview). Many first-time mothers report role conflict and role strain, even more so when they are employed (e.g., Mercer, 1986). Often, a decline in role satisfaction is observed (e.g., Cowan et al., 1985). Many first-time mothers suffer from unfulfilled expectations and develop negative feelings about their spouses (e.g., LaRossa & LaRossa, 1981 Ruble, Fleming, Hackel, & Stangor, 1988).
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