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Titel: Chapter 1: Introduction to Essays on Economic Psychology
Autoren: Brandstätter, Hermann
Erscheinungsdatum: 1994
Zusammenfassung: Problems to be solved in people's personal and social lives usually do not fit the boundaries of scientiic disciplines well even if the development of those disci- plines originally was stimulated by difficulties in providing food and shelter, se- curing health, protecting against crimes, strengthening the national power, facili- tating trade and commerce, making sense ofhuman life, etc. Disciplines in natural and social sciences, although at the beginning often installed and promoted primar- ily by practical needs, tend soon to narrow their scope in order to get a deeper the- oreical understanding of segments of all too complex reality, or in order to de- velop a specialized technology for improving some components of the people's situation, irrespective of their interdependence with all the other components.
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