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Titel: Effects of weather and air pollution on mood - An individual difference approach
Autoren: Brandstätter, Hermann
Erscheinungsdatum: 1988
Zusammenfassung: Within a time sampling study of the effects on unemployment of subjective well-being (Kirchler, 1985) 14 men and 12 women recorded their mood several times a day over a period of 40 days according to the time sampling diary of Brandstatter (1977). For the present study each subject's sensitivity to air pollution and weather changes has been assessed by calculating the multiple regression (auto-regressive model) of his/her time series of mood scores on the time series of air pollution and weather indicators (SO2, dust, temperature, steam pressure, visibility, cloudiness, wind speed, precipitation, barometric pressure). The standard partial regression coefficients were conceived of as indicators of a subject's sensitivity to weather changes and used as dependent variables in ANOVAs with emotional stability (low-high) and extroversion (low-high) as factors. The sensitivity to air pollution, temperature, steam pressure, wind speed, precipitation and barometric pressure turned out to be partly interaction effects, partly main effects of emotional stability and extroversion. Only interdisciplinary cooperation in studying the physiological and psychological processes causing the influence of weather on mood can lead to appropriate theoretical explanations of the observed effects.
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