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Titel: Peacemaking Circles & Young Refugees: Building Resilience in Germany
Autoren: Ammar, Mounira
Erscheinungsdatum: 2014
Serie/Report Nr.: Tübinger Schriften und Materialien zur Kriminologie;29
Zusammenfassung: This work focuses on a particular form of culture-specific discrimination against refugee minors in Germany. Of central interest is the potential of peacemaking circles in the struggle for the transformation of community spirit in Germany and the restoration of justice for the persons concerned. In order to highlight the Circle's strive for inclusiveness the ideals and reformative philosophy of the peacemaking process will be introduced. The paper examines the theoretical framework of resilience to help contextualize the struggles that refugee children in Germany face - and to help understand the ways in which peacemaking circles would provide a viable, effective, and economic approach to the problem. In order to allow an overall insight into the subject of peacemaking circles, newest releases on the topic have been identified and are embedded in this work.
ISBN: 978-3-937368-56-6
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