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Titel: CHAPTER 5 - Concepts of Activation and Arousal in the Theory of Emotionality (Neuroticism). A Multivariate Conceptualization
Autoren: Fahrenberg, Jochen
Erscheinungsdatum: 1987
Zusammenfassung: Autonomic arousal and cortical arousal are essential concepts in Eysenck's theory of personality because individual differences in these functions are related to the well-known dimensions of emotionality (neuroticism) and extraversion-introversion. Psychophysiological personality research has been strongly influenced by these postulates, although autonomic and cortical arousal are theoretical constructs that still lack consistent operationalizations. Research has not yet produced standard patterns or dimensions of physiological processes specifying the CNS, ANS, and behavioral parameters that define the concepts and those that do not. No standardized assessment has been put forth to comparison and, thus, for possible integration of experimental results. An evaluation of the contradictory research evidence remains extremely difficult.
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