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Titel: Textoptimierung unter Verständlichkeitsperspektive.
Autor(en): Groeben, Norbert
Christmann, Ursula
Erscheinungsdatum: 1989
Zusammenfassung: First, the construct of comprehensibility is explicated as a theoretical framework for techniques leading to optimally comprehensible texts. The explication accentuates the problem of pedagogical prescription inherent in the objective of an 'Optimum of Comprehensibility'; consequences for possibilities of optimal textual organization are discussed (objective: medium comprehensibility, competent reader). Concrete text features and organizational aids leading to an optimum of comprehensibility are presented in the second part of this article. The following features explored by classical instructional research are discussed with regard to practical application: Graınmatical and Stylistic Simplicity, Conciseness/Redundancy, Cognitive Structure/Organization (advance organizer, sequencing, suınmaries, typographical cueing, headings, inserted questions, learning objectives), and Motivational Stirnulance. The explication of text features given by instructional psychology is regarded as incomplete. It seems possible to differentiate and explicate features of cornprehensibility more precisely by integrating it into cognitive models of text processing (propositional arıd macropropositional models,schema theory and mental models), which are discussed in a final chapter.
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