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Titel: Enhancing environmental friendliness of electrical consumer products: the effects of design-centered measures.
Autoren: Sauer, J.
Rüttinger, B.
Wiese, B. S.
Erscheinungsdatum: 2001
Zusammenfassung: This paper is concered with the design of environmentally-friendly electrical appliances. There has been evidence from previous analyses that this product group makes a considerable contribution to the global environmental damage (see Wenzel, Hauschild & Alting, 1997). These analyses have revealed that electricity consumption during roduct utilisation is a primary contributor to a product's environmental impact score. While there is some support available for engineers and designers to reduce the environmantal impact of a product during production and disposal / recycling, there is little guidance for the utilisation phase (Sauer, Wiese, Rüttinger, in press). This is largely due to the high level of uncertainty and interindividual variability associated with user behaviour. Against this background, the work presendet here aims to provide designers with some guidance of how environmental-friendliness of appliances can be improved by optimising user-product interaction during the utilisation phase (e.g., reducing electricity consumption of appliance).
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